2019 and a new look BPP

Oi BPP What you been up to?

Has anyone seen my pie?

So we are now well into 2019 and what have the band been up to you may ask… Well the answer is quite a lot really.

Vic has had major surgery at the start of the year to fix a long standing injury from a bike crash many years back (he knew it would catch up with him eventually)

Ah so that’s who ate all the pies!

Dan, as well as his usual singing duties, has been competing in power lifting competitions and also did a run of shows with a theater company playing the part of Peter in a minimalist Easter production that toured the UK.

Since then the boys have been squirreled away in a practice room on a former WWII air strip and former rocket test ground (where else would they be!)

No time for pies!!!!!!!!

With the first show of the year approaching in Sweden in a few days time we though you might like to see some snaps of the boys getting ready and also take a moment to introduce the newest member of the team drummer Joakim Sehlstedt. Having been a close friend of the band since it’s inception in 2006 and even producing the critically acclaimed Dead Men Walking ep it’s fitting that he steps from behind the desk to behind the drum kit bringing a wealth of experience and darn good Swedish beats.

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